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The county seat of the region, the spreading and diverse city of Los Angeles contains more than three and a half million inhabitants and lies in the state of California, alongside the Pacific Ocean. Los Angeles, often known simply as just 'LA', is actually a collection of 88 small cities, which makes Los Angeles difficult to define as a single entity.

Los Angeles Orientation: Layout and Directions

The downtown district lies at the very heart of Los Angeles and contains many of the city's most impressive attractions and landmarks, while the Hollywood district is famous throughout the world for its celebrities. The main attractions in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles include Universal and Warner Bros studios.

Standing on the western side of downtown Los Angeles you will find the districts of both Beverly Hills and Bel Air, famed for their mansions, wealthy residents and fashion boutiques, Further west lie the popular Pacific coast beaches, which comprise Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice.

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